Engineering Base for Predictive Maintenance [VIDEO]


The engineering platform from Aucotec for highly efficient linking of business processes: Engineering Base.

Today’s topic is that of predictive maintenance. Or, to put it more precisely, the close connection of engineering to predictive maintenance solutions.

The significance of efficient and effective maintenance is growing along the path to Industry 4.0.

Conventional maintenance according to fixed cycles is not optimal.

Maintenance is often performed before it is actually necessary. On the other hand, unexpected repairs and plant failures cost a lot of time and money.

The solution is called predictive maintenance. Thus, it is a system that acts in advance, based on the actual status of the plant.

These systems previously had to be supplied laboriously with the relevant engineering information to correctly interpret the large amounts of status data, which are subsequently received from the control system of the plant.

The System Platform Engineering Base, or simply EB, helps you to forge new paths. Due to its unique architecture, it can network engineering with PDM solutions in an intelligent manner. The EB plant model becomes, thereby, the single source of truth for the entire PDM process.

Now to the workflow.

The entire plant, including all signals of the control system, is defined in EB’s virtual plant model. EB then transfers the relevant data to the PDM system:

  • The parameters of units for signals
  • The textual meanings of the condition values, including their language translations
  • The identification data of signals and their relationship to plants and components
  • The control system also receives the relevant configuration files from EB

During operation, the control system subsequently sends the live data to the PDM system, where it is prepared and interpreted by the evaluation logic. A further application then displays the recommended maintenance tasks to the PDM user. The transfer of engineering data to the PDM system, based on EB’s modern web communication server, can also take place automatically in the background in a time-controlled manner, even when applications are not open.

EB’s virtual plant model provides the basis for plant maintenance and paves the way for Industry 4.0, while you benefit from improved plant availability and more efficient maintenance processes.

With EB’s link between PDM and engineering, the demands of big data are really met for the first time.

EB enables Industry 4.0.

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