Digital Twins: 3 Videos to Help You Understand What All the Hype is About

Digital TwinDigital twins are one of the hottest technologies out there today. By connecting the physical to the virtual, they have the ability to fundamentally change how products, processes, and plants are designed; how asset lifecycles are managed; and how we interact with technology as a whole.

Articles abound about digital twins and their potential benefits for industry (we’ve written quite a few). But sometimes words just aren’t enough. To truly understand the power of this technology, you need to see it for yourself. Enjoy these videos!

Introduction to Digital Twin: Simple, but Detailed

If you’re just becoming familiar with the idea of a digital twin, this video featuring Chris O’Connor, General Manager, Internet of Things Offerings for IBM, provides a great short introduction.

Minds + Machines: Meet a Digital Twin

If the digital twin still seems like an abstract concept, this video brings it fully into the realm of the concrete. Here, Colin J. Parris, VP of Software Research at GE Global Research Center, demonstrates the power of this technology using a digital twin of a D11 steam turbine currently running in Southern California.

The Value of a Digital Twin

If you have only 3 minutes to spare, this short interview between GE Oil & Gas’s Jennifer Schulze, VP of Product Marketing, and Arun Subramaniyan, VP of Data Science and Analytics, gives you a brief overview of the characteristics of digital twins and how they benefit manufacturing.

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