9 Reasons Companies Choose Engineering Base

Engineering Base DiagramOn this blog, we’ve talked about many benefits of using Engineering Base engineering software, from facilitating cross-team collaboration to helping companies take advantage of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

But every company has their own reasons for selecting the software their engineers and others will use every day. Here, in their own words, are the top reasons engineers, managers, and other leaders at companies in a variety of industries choose Engineering Base.

Improved data quality

“EB and System 800xA [a distributed control system] complement each other ideally and allow much more efficient project management with far greater consistency and thus higher quality of the data.” ~Martin Knabenhans, ABB

“After having only recorded the data once, you can navigate easily in the entire Engineering Base project.” ~Bruno Rizzetto, Siemens Grenoble

“We have been profiting from EB from the very first project, starting with 20% savings in engineering hours via complete data compatibility between the different documents to a profoundly improved documentation quality!” ~Alberto Bellotto, De Pretto

“We need absolutely reliable and consistent data at all times for each user. EB is ideally equipped to meet this need with its central database.” ~Andreas Lindenthal, OHB System

“The central database is definitely a huge advantage over our previous system. The exceptional data consistency increases the quality of our data significantly.” ~Hakan Kiray, Aerodata

Tool consolidation and simplification

“With built-in Visio, we no longer need extra CAD tools.” ~Wolfgang Fuhr, Gebrüder Pfeiffer

“Instead of having to buy several programs, I find in Engineering Base almost all functions required for effective planning in process engineering.” ~Gunter Hadwiger, Kanzler

“We can connect our internal processes to EB, this unifies our methods in different design steps and the representation of engineering data becomes much easier.“ ~Steffen Richter, AREVA

“Our predecessor tool was much too complicated.” ~Reinhold Dankl, Dankl

“It’s a tremendous benefit for us to have a thorough overview of a project from start to finish.” ~Michal Podolski, Solaris

“The common database reduces tool changes and shortens project lead times.” ~Markus Dorlöchter, Vossloh Kiepe

Error reduction

“Errors within the interfaces are now a thing of the past. Finally we have a really consistent system for our project editing.” ~Dieter Bosse, Bentec

“Changes are immediately visible in the complete diagram, and sources of error are eliminated.” ~Christian Thier, Windhager

“Engineering Base contains a quality management tool enabling us to create an error-free documentation.” ~Olivier Hapetian, GE Grid Solutions

Full project life cycle support

“The database-driven nature of Engineering Base creates [reliable global] availability beyond pure engineering from sales to commissioning.” ~Cato Strandin, Kongsberg Maritime Engineering

“With Engineering Base, we cover the entire spectrum of engineering.” ~Josef Jakob, Südzucker

Time and cost savings

“Our customers receive their offer significantly faster with Engineering Base. The updating cycles are also accelerated and communication via fewer contacts is possible due to the centralization by Engineering Base’s database. Thus we achieve more without more costs.” ~Joachim Brosi, R. STAHL

“For projects that used to take us 8-12 hours, we now only need 2-6 hours with Engineering Base. That is a time savings of 50-75%.” ~Jake York, Flottweg Separation Technology

“Designs can be generated automatically, rather than drawing them in a time-consuming manner.” ~André Brand, Sauter Building Control

“Overall, I‘m just faster with EB. I couldn‘t do without it now!” ~Dieter Konrade, LÜHR FILTER

“The intelligent PDF where everything is documented consistently and navigably saves not only our customers but also our service team enormous amounts of time.” ~Andreas Heinze, HeiterBlick


“The intelligence of Engineering Base and the increased reliability of our actions due to the constantly up-to-date documentation save us a lot of time. This facilitates enormously the simultaneous work of a multidisciplinary team on the same project and significantly increases productivity.” ~Alain Cuenot, Sundyne

“We wanted to get away from the insular world of various systems that operate in isolation.” ~Bernd Höpner, BÖWE SYSTEC

Automation and standardization

“With its far-reaching automation and the integration of standards, Engineering Base offers an enormous potential both for project documentation and later on for the life cycle of our plants.” ~Gerd Gorkes, Dow Chemical

“It was particularly important to us that Engineering Base would achieve significantly higher standardization throughout the whole process. Now we have to individually edit only 20% of the diagrams, while Engineering Base does the rest automatically. Depending on the defined workflow, we have reduced our engineering effort by 20%, sometimes by even more.“ ~Eric Weibel, Hälg

Systems optimization and efficiency

“We wanted to optimize the interface between electrical and mechanical systems.” ~Werner Bamberger, Brückner

“By switching to Engineering Base, our processes and handling of documentation became much more efficient.” ~Zdeněk Sváta, Škoda Transportation

Ease of use

“It’s different but easy to learn.” ~Uli Loser, Porsche

“It may happen that I do not work with the tool for some time. But due to the easy handling one is immediately familiar with it again.” ~Gerhard Kreutzer, KONRAD

Do any of these reasons sound like something that would benefit your organization? Contact us to learn more about Engineering Base.

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